Agriturismo in Puglia La Stornara. Tra Marina di Ginosa e Sassi di Matera.

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12 Jun

Sassi di Matera – Events in June & July 2019

BRADWAY – The streets of bread
Breadway is a festival of food and design that traces the chain that leads to the preparation of bread.

Trial of the shadowcasters

A live role-playing game for two intense days, an immersive experience for those who want to play a character within the story created by two famous larp designers.

The l.a.r.p. it will be all in English only.

Installation for the Silent Academy

The Silent Academy will produce a large installation on the theme of hospitality inspired by the July 2nd party and the iconic doors of the Madonna, a powerful symbol of every culture and the Carriages of the Brown which, as a tradition, are ‘saved’ by the witch every year.


Art Thinking, ‘The origins of the Contemporary’

Welcome, meeting, living together. The three founding values of the Matera Alberga concept declined by six artists in the spaces of as many hotels scattered around the city. Installations and works create a bridge between rock and contemporary civilization.

Elements of transcendental calculation

The mathematical path that underlies the language, every time one digs into the text, allows one to glimpse a basic logic that cannot be casual, as it can be verified more and more even with the progress of humanity through new scientific discoveries.

Invisible Hyperstructures

The excavated and hypogean architecture, and the system of underground cisterns dating back to the XV that characterize it, are the visual, spatial and structural subject of the Invisible Pavilions project, which investigates the responsibility of aesthetics, architecture and multidisciplinary artistic research in process of creating and regenerating places.

Apollo Soundtrack

In July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin created one of the most notable enterprises in human history: the landing of the Apollo lunar module on the surface of the Moon. The whole world kept its eyes glued to the television, its hands clasped to newspapers, the Apollo touched the ground that the poets had touched in their most visionary dreams.

Exhibition: Architecture of Shame

How many architectures of which we are ashamed today could be recognized as World Heritage tomorrow? And on the contrary: how many architectures that we live with normality instead, contradict our values to the point that they should be a cause for shame?

The exhibition tells about contemporary Europe seen through the relationship between architecture and shame: a research path in which the form we give to space describes a possible “cultural intimacy” of European citizens.

Symphony for Europe

Concert by the Rai National Symphony Orchestra conducted by M ° James Conlon